Merry Christmas from the Philippines!


Happy Holidays dear readers and subscribers!

As I’m writing this, I’m listening to a Christmas pop playlist on Spotify. A playlist which includes “All I Want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey and other pop artists. Hehe.

Wanted to say thanks for reading and following my blog. It’s something I do occasionally, mostly as an overflow of longer pieces I write elsewhere, and I didn’t even think I’d get more than 90 followers plus other readers.

I know that in the blogosphere this is nothing, but I do appreciate your time.

Anyway, I wanted to show you what Christmas was like for me this year from the Philippines. Christmas is a big event here, with the lead up to the actual event full of harried preparations and traffic jams everywhere and people crowding the supermarkets to prepare festive meals.

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Days of Fooding: What I Ate in Amsterdam

I am now writing about Amsterdam and happened to chance upon some of my food photos.


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A Personal Reflection


I just realized that it’s been months – ages – since I embarked on my personal journey that took me from Singapore to Jakarta, Singapore to Qatar, Qatar to Barcelona, Amsterdam to Barcelona, Singapore to Perth, and Singapore to back home by plane. Not counting the train, bus and boat rides of course.

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In Travel Related News: Flying Pigs and Trains

Two things related to travel that I spotted this week: a pig that almost flew and the “world’s longest train journey” from China.

So apparently, a pig was kicked off a flight for being disruptive, says CNN. It was allowed on board a US Airways flight: Continue reading

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Days of Travel: Vienna in Austria


Schonbrunn Palace, home of the Hapsburgs.

Ah, Vienna, Austria. I skipped Salzburg, aka where “The Sound of Music” was filmed because of you.

It’s weird because I felt like time was passing ever so slowly when I ¬†was in Vienna. But looking back at some of my photos and compiling a list of what I had done there show me that I have actually managed to squeeze in a whole lot of things.

Also, I just realized how much I ate in Vienna and the sheer variety of stuff I ate.

Here are some random pics of my travels there. Continue reading

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Days of Travel: Vienna State Opera


The Vienna State Opera has to be one of my most favorite parts of my visit to Austria’s capital. That and the United Nations Office.

Glad I took time to tour the Opera house. It was most interesting.

The photo above shows where the audience sits.

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Days of Fooding: Random Bacolod Nomnoms


Stuff I’ve been randomly eating the past few days. Have been spoiled for choice with the food in Bacolod. As they say, there is no place like home.

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Days of Fooding: Negros Museum Cafe in Bacolod


Have seen a lot of good press for the Negros Museum Cafe in Bacolod. In fact, it is ranked as the No. 1 restaurant in the city on TripAdvisor. I was curious about the rave reviews so I had to try it out.

I ordered the roast beef sandwich, pictured above, which came on a buttered baguette, greens, tomato, sliver of pickle and with mustard on the side. Continue reading

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Days of Travel: A Simple Kind of Life


A few weeks ago, I tagged along with an old friend to their family’s rest house. It was an hour’s drive from the city. The air was fresh, the grass was green, wifi signal was spotty.

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In Travel-Related News

Once in a while I come across interesting travel news. Must be a habit I picked up from an old job. I’ve decided to blog about these news as I come across them for reference.

First up is news that Venice is to ban wheeled suitcases, unless the wheels are air-filled. Say what?

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