About A

Adobo at home

Who am I? Where am I?

Call me A, the woman behind Adobo Diaries.

As for the “Where am I?” part of the question. I’m perpetually on the road.

I started this blog in Singapore and have updated it in at least eight other countries in Europe.

I am back in the Philippines, where I am originally from.

Why Adobo Diaries?

I’m from the Philippines. I have lived abroad, in parts of North America and Asia, since 2005. When I left home, I didn’t know how to cook. Adobo was one of the first things I learned how to make in the kitchen on my own.

Adobo will always remind me of home and of making a home wherever I may be in the world.

Oh, and it goes without saying that I love food.

Wait, what is adobo? Can you describe adobo to someone who has never had it before?

In Spanish, adobo literally means marinade. The Philippines was once a colony of Spain. In this context, the adobo dish popular in the Philippines is meat soaked in  a marinade of vinegar, soy sauce, pepper corns and bay leaves, among others.

There is no one way to make adobo in the Philippines. It varies from region to region. Some versions only use vinegar. Some adobo is fried and dry with no sauce, only a little oil. Others have a deep brown sauce that moistens the meat. The other spices that go into the marinade is completely up to the cook.

The best adobo, though, is always from someone’s home kitchen using a recipe handed down from generations. I have never tried adobo at a restaurant that was better.

Is adobo the national dish of the Philippines?

Tough question. Some say it is, but in a nutshell, it is better to agree to disagree.

Some say adobo is not the national dish, it is sinigang, or sour soup, in English. Still, others make the case for kare-kare (oxtail in peanut sauce served with fermented shrimp paste).

What is this blog all about?

It’s about food, travel and everything in between.

Food and travel are two things that make me extremely happy. I just realized that I have a ton of photos and even more stories to share. So why not unleash them all into cyberspace?

How can you reach me?

You can email me at adobodiaries@gmail.com.


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