Eats the Weekend! (Tian Tian chicken rice and Awfully Chocolate)


When I’m in Singapore, the weekend is the only time I can really indulge in eating out. Weekdays are usually spent cooking at home if I have time or going to my usual food haunts because they are convenient.

Weekends are another story. I have time to slow down a bit and hopefully try out a new place or go back to one of my favorites.

IMG_1634My friends from the Philippines were visiting, and their hotel was near Maxwell food centre, and they wanted to have chicken rice. So no brainer, I shepherded them off to Tian Tian Hainanese chicken rice stall.

We got there around 11a.m. and there were six people or so queuing before us. Had we arrived five minutes later, we would have been at the back of a very long queue. Talk about perfect timing.


I’ve only had Tian Tian twice before. Still as good as I remembered. Rice full of flavor. Chicken was very soft. I wished I had ordered half a chicken to go. Hihi.


And anyone who visits a hawker place in Singapore should try the sugar cane juice. One of my favorite local drinks. Very refreshing.

We were off to Vivo City after, where we indulged in Awfully Chocolate.



Now I’ve always had chocolate cake at Awfully Chocolate. I’ve tried their branches at The Star Vista and Ninethirty by Awfully Chocolate at the Esplanade, where they have an expanded menu.

At Star Vista, I noticed that people would always order something packaged in a Chinese takeaway box. I asked my friend about it and she said it was chocolate ice cream. Lots of people were ordering it, so I thought it must be good, and I should try it the next time around, even if I’m not a big fan of chocolate (weird, I know).


So I ordered chocolate ice cream this time around. And loved it. Was not too sweet. It was rich, very luxurious and creatively presented. Whoever formulated the recipe for this got it right. Yes, I’d have it again in a heartbeat, and now I understand why lots of people order it. Also, I have to say, Awfully Chocolate has kick-ass packaging.


My friend had the chocolate cake too and liked it as well. Pardon the blurry shot.

I lived in Los Angeles a lifetime ago. When I was there, there was this restaurant at The Grove mall next to the cinemas called The Farm. They. Had. The. Best. Brownie. Ever. One time my aunt, who still lives there, asked me if I wanted her to bring something for me. The first thought I had was the brownie. This coming from someone who is not a big fan of chocolate.

I still dream of that brownie. If I make it to LA soon, that is one of the first things I will be eating. And the Korean barbeque. And the Vietnamese pho. And the healthy salads. Okay, now I digress.


I’d like to say I’ve found the replacement for that brownie in my heart. I ordered this brownie from Awfully Chocolate to go. Not a fan of this. Too sweet for me. And the touch of butterscotch is not to my liking. But the packaging is pretty and makes you feel that you bought something decadent.

And to end this post, I give you a random shot of Garrett’s popcorn. My friends bought a couple of packs. The caramel is again too sweet for me. I tried the kettlecorn and liked it better. But for this gal, plain, old buttered popcorn with a dash of salt is still the best bet.

So what did you eat this weekend?




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