One Can Never Have Too Much Sushi

From Sushi Tei, my favorite sushi place.

I have eaten in Sushi Tei in Jakarta, Singapore and Sydney. My favorite Sushi Tei has still got to be in Jakarta. Cheaper, fresher, friendlier service.

My order varies once in a while. But I usually order one (or all) of these.

Chawanmushi or Japanese egg custard.


While writing this, I searched for how to make Chawanmushi and got to this video:

Um, ingredients are too hard to assemble. I will stick with ordering Chawanmushi from a restaurant, thank you.

I always order something salmon. If not sashimi, some sushi roll or other.



A bevy of sushi. The so-called lobster sushi has got to be my favorite. Then I have katsuo (kind of tuna) topped with ginger and spring onion and of course more egg. Tamago this time around.



More sushi.


Sometimes I order the fried chicken. Have never ordered soba before, but it looks like it’s popular, as I always see people order them.

Have tried some of their katsu bowls. They’re good value for money.

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