What’s Cooking?

Three pictures of my first recent forays in the kitchen.

Super simple chicken soup. Chicken, potatoes, water. Salt and pepper. Some greens if available. Throw in ginger too for fuller flavor.


Simmer until chicken is cooked. And voila! This version included gizzard. I love chicken gizzard. Maybe even more than chicken liver. Okay, I love chicken liver too, but cooked differently or in pate form.


No matter how much chicken soup I make, I always end up finishing whatever I cook in less than three days. Sometimes even eating it for consecutive meals.

My new favorite thing to make now is French toast. Even over pancakes. French toast involves less mixing. I just dunk the pieces of bread in beaten eggs and fry them in butter.

As for the syrup, I use regular maple flavored syrup or if I feel extra peckish, add gula melaka syrup. Yummy.


The French toast pictured here is not the best I’ve made. But I have to say I think I have gotten better with practice. And homemade certainly tops any of those from fancy cafes that charge an arm and leg.

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