And Now I’m Back Again



Yes, I know.

I’ve been silent.

Even as I have renewed my blog domain name for another year. It’s just that blogging is so much different now from when I used to blog ages ago. Before Facebook. Before Twitter. Before Instagram. When there was still Friendster and MySpace and I was still living in the US and Netflix delivered DVD discs to your mailbox.

I remembered thinking before, wouldn’t it be cool to have a space where you can update in real time instead of constantly edit a blog entry? Like when I was watching the Oscar’s on TV and wanted to comment as the show happened. And now, voila, there are various ways of doing this. And there are even Apps like Periscope, which I believe are taking things to another level.
Even as I have been taking photos of food that I have cooked over the past few months. Yes, I’ve been cooking more. Blame it on the easy access to food shops. And the fact that I now live in a place, alone, with a kitchen. Alone for at least the next few months anyway.

I didn’t realize that living alone with easy access to a kitchen will rekindle my interest in cooking. I started cooking when I lived in Jakarta. I had an apartment for the first couple of years. The only problem was finding the ingredients I needed to make what I wanted. It wasn’t too easy there.

But now, it’s easy to find what I want. And since I live alone at the moment, there is no consideration for flatmates complaining about someone whipping up a storm at midnight.

What have I been cooking so far? Aside from Filipino comfort food – adobo, sinigang (using the packaged mix unfortunately), garlic fried rice, and plain, old chicken soup – lots of steak. I’ve also done a lot of French toast with fresh fruit (strawberries are my favorite so far), fresh salads and whatever else catches my fancy.

I have not been eating out as much as I want to because of my schedule and because I’m mostly lazy to go out and would rather putter around at home.

The beverage pictured above is from Coffee Bean. I am currently on a macha green tea kick and I discovered this habit out of an accident. I ordered the usual Chai tea latte and picked up someone else’s macha green tea latte. The barista huffily came over and told me I had the wrong drink (Sorry!). But I had already taken a sip. And I quite liked it and have been ordering it ever since.

Anyway. This is a rambly entry. But then again, I have always been a rambly, stream of consciousness type of blogger. So I will make no apologies from now on and just blog.

I hope you keep on reading. And do drop me a line in the comments section, via email (will take me a while to read) or via @adobodiaries on Twitter.


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