Where to Eat in Bacolod: Armynavy Burger and Burrito


To get things out of the way. Armynavy is not a local Bacolod restaurant. They are part of a national chain.

It’s also not the first time I’ve eaten at Armynavy. Have tried it in Manila years ago and this is my third trip to their place at The District North Point in Bacolod. The District is the Ayala mall in the city. There is a Robinson’s and an SM City as well, in addition to other local malls.

I always manage to order the burger with bacon and cheese and a soda. No fries on the side.

I think I may have been eating too much Bob’s burgers (see previous post), because I actually did not enjoy my Armynavy burger as much as I used to. It tasted very peppery (not a fan of too much pepper) and I just noticed how sesame seeds they have on the bun (not a fan of sesame seeds either).


For Bacolod, Armynavy is also kinda pricey. For what I paid for my burger and soda, I could have had a nice burger somewhere else.

I have yet to try their burritos and tacos, however. And maybe I should next time. I have not seen carnitas on a menu since my LA days. (Crossing my fingers I won’t be disappointed.)

Service was okay. Not too bad.

So go if you must. But there are better local options, in my opinion.

P.S. It was Taco Tuesday. I should have had a taco. 😛

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