Days of Fooding: Barcelona in Spain

Was going through my pictures again. There are so many things I haven’t posted yet. Everything is kind of random, but I guess it’s better super late than never.

I had the best crepe in Barcelonafrom this place called Creps Barcelona.




If I remember correctly, this was simply a ducle de leche crepe Breton style. But oh em gee it was delightful. I may be deprived crepes-wise, but this was the best I ever had.


Simple, plain, rustic, flavorful. Very much a delight. I wanted to eat more than one, but deemed it too excessive. After all, I had one whole order of paella earlier. And then this.

Paella unboxing! I bought this paella from El Rey de Gamba located near the beach at the Barceloneta metro stop. I ate it at my hotel, though, I forget why.




This paella tastes like what the ocean would taste like if it were food. I loved it!

One night I ended up going out with three guys I met at a hotel. No, I didn’t pick up the three guys. They were part of my tour group.

We ended up at this yummy bar, which was recommended by Mexican friends. Too bad I forgot what the name of the bar was.

Fries, sort of, reimagined:



Potatoes, mayo and some tomato spice. Drizzle of spring onion. Uber creative but hearty.


Their version of sausage in a well-baked crunchy bun, cheese and crunchy onion bits.

Ah, Spain, you always have the best food. I can’t wait to visit again.

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