Days of Fooding: What I Ate in Amsterdam

I am now writing about Amsterdam and happened to chance upon some of my food photos.


This was my first meal. The cheap restaurant, called Tokoman Li Ho, was located near Nieuwmarkt. It was like being given a lifeline after a month in Europe. The food was salty and spicy and tasted like Asian food should.

I noticed while eating there that a lot of locals also dropped by. I looked it up further online just now and apparently they also serve Surinamese food aside from Asian food. I’ve never heard of Surinamese food before but it has piqued my interest.



I had that Fernandes Red Grape soda. Apparently it’s bottled by the Coca Cola company and is only sold in Amsterdam (or Europe?). Someone who knows better please enlighten me.

I had ice cream too at this place:




Not as amazing as gelato in Italy. But it was better than most ice creams I’ve had.


Bought stuff from the grocery. Thoroughly enjoyed the grocery in Amsterdam. They had so much yummy stuff!

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