A Personal Reflection


I just realized that it’s been months – ages – since I embarked on my personal journey that took me from Singapore to Jakarta, Singapore to Qatar, Qatar to Barcelona, Amsterdam to Barcelona, Singapore to Perth, and Singapore to back home by plane. Not counting the train, bus and boat rides of course.

I thought I’d have all the time to upload photos and write blog entries because I don’t go to the office every day. But things have been crazy. Between catching up on much needed sleep and rest, meeting up with friends and working on personal projects which include writing a manuscript about my travels and food photography, life has been on the down low but still pretty hectic.

Now, before I know it, the new year is staring me in the face. And I just have to tie things down and get things done because I do want a fresh start. As that song in the much maligned reality series, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” goes, “This year has been the best and the worst year.”

Do I regret anything? Not at all. It’s been a challenging process of trying to figure out what I was going to do next. And things have not always been easy, with all the changes and the adjustments and the pared down lifestyle.

But you know what? I have proven to myself that things can be done. Again. As I had done before. And that I can still take that leap into the unknown, be bruised and battered during the process, but end up knowing what is at the bottom of the cliff and becoming stronger for it.

My future is no means full of certainty. But I do see more travel given the chance. Plans include going back to Perth. Why? Because I loved the tranquility I found there while sitting on a secluded beach.

Europe is still pretty much on my mind. Given the chance, I’d like to visit the Scandinavian countries and a few other major cities, possibly swing by Greece or Prague.

Somewhere down the line, I’d like to go see more of Asia too. I am saving Japan for a special occasion. But I’m afraid that when I get there, I won’t want to eat Japanese food anywhere else, and that will be a bummer.

I also want to see more of Southeast Asia and South Korea. Possibly go back to Hong Kong just to eat dimsum.

And weirdly enough, I miss the snow in Toronto. I know it’s freezing there now. It was where I first saw and tasted and rolled in snow. I want to go back.

Here’s hoping 2015 brings many more pleasant memories on the road.

*Photo above was taken in Berlin. More Berlin pics coming up soon.

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