Days of Fooding: Negros Museum Cafe in Bacolod


Have seen a lot of good press for the Negros Museum Cafe in Bacolod. In fact, it is ranked as the No. 1 restaurant in the city on TripAdvisor. I was curious about the rave reviews so I had to try it out.

I ordered the roast beef sandwich, pictured above, which came on a buttered baguette, greens, tomato, sliver of pickle and with mustard on the side.

I also had the strawberry shake.


Here’s the menu. The waiter also comes round with a blackboard that has the day’s specials written on them.


Now for the million-dollar question. Did I like the food?

The roast beef sandwich has to be one of the best I’ve had in the Philippines in a while. The sliver of pickle is also worth going back for. The sandwich costs P140 ($3). It’s a steal for the quality you get.

The strawberry shake with a tinge of milk as per my request was divine. It can compare to really good restaurants in Manila and even abroad. For Bacolod standards, its a bit pricey at P120 ($2.70), but you won’t get the same kind of shake anywhere here. I say order this shake instead of spending for a coffee at Starbucks. Tee hee.

I like the vibe of the restaurant. In Bacolod, restaurants more or less have the same ambience, but owing to the fact that the Museum Cafe is attached to a museum makes it different form its counterparts.




There are artworks of local artists on the walls. Adds to the atmosphere.


Since I was missing Europe, I ordered some of their homemade cow’s milk cheese to take away. I had it at home with some bread. It’s not to die for. But it’s decent cheese and it’ll do for now.

This is a good restaurant. It may not be on your priority while on a visit to Bacolod, as there is a lot of local stuff you should try out. But if you’ve been here awhile and are looking for something different from the usual, this is the place to go.

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