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Once in a while I come across interesting travel news. Must be a habit I picked up from an old job. I’ve decided to blog about these news as I come across them for reference.

First up is news that Venice is to ban wheeled suitcases, unless the wheels are air-filled. Say what?

I can’t imagine how this will pan out. Vehicles are not allowed on the streets of Venice. You get around by vaporetto or taxi boats. If this comes into effect, then the only alternative is really to bring a backpack. But not all travelers are of the backpacker variety.

When I was in Venice, I had a back and a small but nonetheless wheeled suitcase to carry my backpack. That wheeled case saved my back, especially since I had to lug the bags around for a day when the bag storage at the train station was full. And also when I had to cross a wooden bridge to get to my hotel.

Meanwhile, there is this piece on the New York Times about Disneyland.

This quote is notable:

Instead of compulsively searching for Hummel figurines or Honus Wagner baseball cards, “these people, like all travelers, are collecting experiences,” he said.

Note for future reference: “obsessive niche travel.”

The writer’s description of Tokyo DisneySea’s parade makes me want to visit Tokyo Disneyland. Maybe someday.

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