Days of Travel: Engelberg and Mount Titlis in Switzerland


The drive up to Engelberg in Switzerland features a spectacular view such as this one.

Most of the guidebooks I read pegged Switzerland as a boring place to visit, save for one or two cities.  I beg to disagree.

I was able to visit the resort town of Engelberg near Mount Titlis and was also able to make my way to Lucerne for a quick day trip. It was worth it and given another chance, I would love to see Switzerland again. Given an unlimited budget, I would even love to stay there for a month.

I visited during the summer months. I love mountains. I love the cold. And I needed some relief from Europe’s heat.

There were so many trees in this area of Switzerland. The mountains, which were in full spectacular view from my hotel window, were lush green yet capped by flecks of white. The air was crisp and clean.

Of all the meals included during the tour which I took, the meals in Switzerland had to be the most awesome, from breakfast with unlimited bacon and eggs to that plate of beef done the Swiss way with mashed potatoes.

Unlimited bacon during breakfast!

Unlimited bacon during breakfast!

Swiss-style beef with mashed potatoes. I ate everything on this plate.

Swiss-style beef with mashed potatoes. I ate everything on this plate.

Other yumminess at the ski resort lodge we stayed at:



Defo not your mother’s meatloaf.




Oh Switzerland, you are love! You know my only regret? Not having had the chance to try fondue! Must do that on my hopefully future trip.


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