Days of Travel: Tips on Italy Part 2 of 2


Venezia at night is magical.

Some more tips I gave my friend on Italy:

Visit the Bridge of Angels. See photos and my entry here.

You can save some money by carrying a plastic water bottle and just refilling it everywhere you go.

You have to walk everywhere, as vehicles are limited in certain areas. Best to wear comfortable shoes. Bring an umbrella because you will need it rain or shine.


The food in this city is amazing. I ate at two nice restaurants and had good gelato. Problem is, I don’t remember the names of the places and would probably have to dig through my notes.

Public art is everywhere all you need is time to see everything.

I didn’t have time to visit the museums because I was only here for less than a day. And the queue was long. Disappointing, I know, but it gives me a good excuse to go back someday.


Choose Santa Lucia station over Mestre. No question about it.

Expensive everywhere.

Try to stay on the main island because at night, it’s simply magical when all the day tourists leave.

It was enough for me to walk around and take in how pretty the city was. I explored the area full of shops and restaurants near Piazza San Marco.

I stayed at a hotel called Domus Ciliota. This was a former monastery which they converted into a hotel. The rates, for a hotel on the main island, were more than reasonable. The room was clean and the bathroom was big for European standards.

Make sure you only have light luggage. You will carry it on the waterbuses and walk a long way to your hotel. In my case, I had to cross a bridge to get to my hotel with my luggage. Thank God I gave much thought on the bags I brought so things were manageable.

If you have a big bag, best to store it at the train station. The queue for bag storage though takes forever.

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