Where to Eat in Singapore?


The question inevitably comes up when friends come over to visit.

The answer, however, is rather complicated and will often be subject to spirited debate.

The first question for any would-be visitor would be: Are you here specifically for the food? Or are you planning a series of activities and wish to eat nearby?

The next question would have to be: What sort of food are looking for?

I like eating at restaurants, but restaurants here can be pricey. Sometimes the food is also not as good as what it is hyped to be.

So I tend to stick to the usual places which can be found at any of the malls here and which have given me value for my money and consistency over the years.

One of the branches of Din Tai Fung for fried rice and xiao long bao and Tim Ho Wan for the baked barbeque pork buns and steamed egg cake (but only if the queue is reasonable).

For sushi, my favorite has to be Sushi Tei, Ichiban and Itacho Sushi.


For chilli crab, I like Jumbo Seafood, Tunglok and No Signboard Seafood.

It is highly recommended that bookings be made at Jumbo, especially for dinner, even on weeknights. There are some weeknights where you are only given an hour for a table because they are packed.

I haven’t been to Yum Cha in Chinatown recently, but I remember their dimsum to be really good.

As for the best hawker centers, these are near where the locals live. There’s just no getting around that. But there are some places near major tourist sites that have good stuff.

I usually recommend the food court at the Marina Bay Sands to vising friends. It has a good sampling of local cuisine in a posh setting, although finding seats especially at meal times can be nothing short of a challenge.

The food courts at Ion Orchard mall, Somerset and Food Republic in Vivo City also have varied selections. And there’s the Malaysian food street near Universal Studios.

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